Now booking 2020 weddings, civil ceremonies and elopements! 

Elopements, civil ceremonies and small, informal weddings start at $395 and fall under a more simple pricing structure, so please reach out to us if you’re planning such a wedding.

Traditional (6+ hours) wedding packages start at $3,300 for two photographers and $2,880 for one photographer.  Please inquire for a detailed price list.

Traditional 6+ hour wedding packages Include:

  • Photo Editing/Processing

  • Online viewing gallery for 3 months

  • Custom USB Drive of High-Resolution Digital Images and personal printing rights

  • A customized wedding photography timeline

  • Two formal consultations


  • We celebrate diversity!

  • A 10% discount is given to weddings booked for dates occurring December through March.  We love to travel for weddings and often offer a discount for destination weddings.

  • Most medium to large, traditional weddings require two photographers. We will help you determine if one or two photographers are required for you event.

  • Are you planning a wedding that won't look anything like the ones in magazines?  Are you a bit quirky, offbeat, or maybe you even call yourself a weirdo?  Is your wedding location different and AWESOME?  We may offer you a discounted rate! Why?  Non-traditional weddings = unique portfolio photos for us, and we usually have a whole lot of fun documenting them.  An example of a qualifying wedding would be one that includes a very strong sense of the couple's individuality and personalities.  The ideal couple for this discount is un-apologetically unique and totally owns it.  If you think your wedding applies, tell us about it in an email, and we'll meet to discuss it at your consultation.


What sets us apart?

In addition to our experience, here are some things we believe set us apart from other photographers:

You’re basically getting a photographer and wedding assistant in one:  Our goal is to go above and beyond.  Your dress ripped?  I’ll sew it up for you.  Don’t know how to attach a boutineer?  I’m on it.  Don’t know what time to schedule your hair and makeup artists?  Send me a text, and I’ll help you decide.  You are always welcome to call, text or email us to ask questions, share wedding details, or just for some reassurance.  I will make myself available to be more than just the one who takes pictures on your wedding day.  I have helped clients choose other vendors, fixed damaged floral arrangements, and given on-the-spot instructions on how to cut the cake.  We even crawled around, searching of rocks to weigh down a top-heavy vase!

We take a limited number of weddings per year:  What does that mean for you? It means a faster turnaround time on your final images because I’m not juggling as many weddings as many other photographers. Since our business also focuses on other specialties, I’m constantly photographing different subjects and locations. Therefore, I don’t get burned out on weddings. No wedding overload here!

Backup:  Each photographer carries two cameras at all times.  We do this for two reasons.  One is so we have 2 different length lenses at the ready, and the other is to have a backup in case a camera malfunctions.  We carry backup emergency batteries.  We shoot to 2 memory cards per camera.  This means each photo is being saved to 2 places with each click.  If one card malfunctions or becomes corrupt, we have an immediate backup.  We have a triple file backup system in place at our office.  Photos are saved to 2 physical hard drives plus a professional cloud backup service.  We will always have your photos, so if years from now, your photos become damaged or misplaced, you can always come back to us to retrieve them.  

Gear:  We use top-of-the-line cameras, flashes, lenses, memory cards, photo processing software and computers.  We carry extra power-packs to ensure our flash goes off consistently so we don't miss a shot.

Insurance:  We’re fully covered with business & liability insurance and can list your venue as additional insured if needed.

Peace of Mind:  If illness, "act of God" or other emergency should arise, we do everything in our power to find a fill-in photographer of equal ability and talent.  In the case that I am the one in the emergency situation, the second shooter would become first shooter, and we would call-in a replacement second photographer.  We have a long list of photographer friends who have each other’s backs, and we will call them one-by-one until we have a replacement.

We’re prepared:  I carry fabric tape and facial blotting sheets in my (very cool) fanny pack.  I bring a wooden hanger for photos of the wedding dress.  I also bring a decorative temporary wall hook I can use to hang your dress just about anywhere for it’s photograph.  Rain on your wedding day?  I have a stash of umbrellas.  Deodorant on your clothes?  I have an anti-deodorant-sponge!  No joke!  We’re ready for nearly anything!

Passion:  Image quality and creativity are just as important to me as they are to you.  Your photos are my art.  I strive to be a better artist with every single wedding.  I try to top myself and make each wedding my best wedding.  I even have a "game day" routine to make sure I'm rested, focused and ready as can be for your day.  I truly love documenting weddings.  I love the contagious energy of people celebrating one of the best days of their lives. Wedding photography is exhausting and challenging, but it's incredibly rewarding; sort of like running a race.  At the end of the day, when I say goodnight to my clients, I always get big hugs and heartfelt thank yous.  Your business, trust and friendship means the world to us, and we are so grateful to receive it.